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Family Reports

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05/11/2017 - I located some pictures of Lisa (and Mom) focused around Christmas time. Mom's and Lisa's favorite time of the year.

01/30/2017 - We have not secured a date for my sister's Memorial service. Due to personal financial obligations, I have not been able to come up with the funds in January, 2017.

12/12/2016 - Obituary listings are public on the Lancaster Eagle Gazette and on Newcomer Funeral Home websites.  The Lancaster Eagle Gazette listing was in Sunday's newspaper.

The above links go to the respective websites for the obituary.

12/07/2016 - My oldest son and I went to the funeral home today to make and pay for my sister's preparation. This will hopefully prepare him for the future death of his parents, when God's plan is complete for us. It's comforting to have a 18+ year old that can assist my wife or in the worst case, still have someone in the family to make the arrangements and counsel my youngest.

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12/06/2016 - I will be announcing the memorial service that we will have when I have scheduled with the church. I will upload a few pictures to provide that smile that we all know. Please send condolences to Kevin Steel, PO BOX 2377, Lancaster, OH 43130. I have been my sister's brother, caregiver, Power-of-Attorney Financial and Medical (agent) and Social Security Representative.

12/05/2016 - I am reviewing the blog entries for this year, and I think about all the multiple hospital visits my sister had and the extra work to get her communications board working again. Some Joy and some sorrow. I'll make a few entries into this blog regarding my sisters life.

12/05/2016 - My sister passed Today, December 5th, 2016 at the age of 49 years of age at the Pickering House, provided by FairHope Hospice.

She had a long battle with internal illness and now terminal C-DIF.  God's Grace was served today, and there is no prequalification or analysis. Lisa was likely greeted by Jesus and soon, our mother will be jumping for joy as Lisa will walk, talk, sing, hug, eat and never every know pain, despair, loss or unhappiness. There is no crying in heaven.

12/03/2016 - DAY 12 - My sister today suffering from pneumonia, C-DIF, ESDL germ and potentially damaged single working kidney that reduced below 5% usage since on Tuesday, she had a cardiac arrest and subsequently revived. She was placed into comfort care today with the FairHope hospice at the Pickering House. On Friday, I spoke with the ICU doctor and after several minutes I was informed that the condition and symptoms that she would need dialysis in 24-hours or as sick as she is with so many illnesses at the same time and affecting her heart and breathing, it was time to be thinking about her quality of life especially since mid-October she had the C-DIF her ability to communicate with her had greatly reduced, only a stare stance and many times, just too sleepy to arouse. 

I sometimes look at the obituaries and see that someone had been at the Pickering House. I thought, Wow, this must be a wonderful place for folks to choose for their loved one. Well, now both my sister and I have the first time look at the Pickering House and it is and much more than I had imagined.

12/01/2016 - DAY 10 - My wife and I have been visiting my sister each night. Today, she showed some eye activity and I turned on the TV and we watched her show Jeopardy tonight. I also instructed the day nurse for tomorrow to turn on the TV at 10 AM on Channel 10 WBNS-TV for the shows Let's Make a Deal and The Price Is Right. I think that if there is more activity in the room, she may participate. I'm taking her glasses to her tomorrow. The Christmas Season has started. Christmas Shopping, Holiday lights, but Christmas is Jesus's birthday and on Sunday this year. How appropriate is that? Where will you be at 10 AM on Sunday. Our local church is having a service and I am encouraging the kids and family to attend.

11/30/2016 - DAY 8 - I saw my sister last night and held her hand, prayed and rebuked the devilish and demonic spiritual ills that have been placed on my sister. Some messages I received about life beyond the body first showing signs that life is to end, is not and only impart to a demonic spirit trying to shorten my sister's life and put darkness where the light is. She is a light among the staff at the nursing home who interact with her each day, she is a light to folks that come to visit her and to those that send cards and well wishes and she is a light to me. The light will always overtake the darkness. Remain strong during the battle, because my sister is strong and want's to live longer in this world. James 4:7 ~Submit yourselves therefore unto God; resist the devil and he will flee from you!  Matthew 16:23 ~ But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

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11/29/2016 - DAY 7 - My sister was initially moved from PDU to room 500 in the local hospital. The official report is that her blood pressure dropped and her heart stopped. She was revived and her vitals are standard and normal now. She was moved to ICU. They are waiting to see if the ICU doctor wants a CT Head scan to make sure nothing happened of a result of a stroke.  My sister is on tube ventilation support due to possibly had been aspirated and treating her for pnemonia. Again, a tube ventilation is not determined that life is fading, it's a measure to assure that she will not have an aspiration that may have caused the blood pressure to go down. Lisa had seen a vascular doctor and was deemed to have a perfectly working pumping device. Apparently, in the vascular world, they do not say "Your heart is broken." Don't forget, there is the physical heart and there is a spiritual heart. Since my sister has nothing to depend on, she is TRULY BLESSED BY GOD, because when you do not have anything to depend on; a job loss, no money in the bank or just any other reason, God has your eternally blessed because you have no one else to depend on.  God IS the Word and the Word IS God. 

11/29/2016 - DAY 7 - My sister has been reported by PDU that her health status has gotten worse and it being moved to the ICU #14 unit. I waiting on the telephone to talk to the hospital pastor, but it's taking a long time on hold to get a response. I was told by someone that her health status may worsen and risk to dying. I have not confirmed these reports. I am waiting to get more information and calling the hospital again in ICU for an update. Of course, this is likely for the loss because it is Christmas time, her birthday is coming up next month and all the insurance polices have lapsed because of the worst financial condition I have ever been in thanks to high costs of living.

11/26/2016 - DAY 4 - My sister has moved for PCU in the local hospital from ICU. She has periods of faster breathing up to 50 reps/min and then returning to the normal range to 23/35 reps/min. She's still being treated for C-DIF. In addition to her having suspected pneumonia in one or both lungs, she has ESBL. Certain strains of bacteria are resistant to treatments with commonly used antibiotics such as penicillin. These bacteria produce enzymes known as Extended SpectrumBeta-Lactamases or ESBLs for short. The ESBL enzyme breaks down and destroys most antibiotics causing them to be inactive, which is why they are not effective against infections caused by these types of bacteria. My mother had this twice during her pneumonia episodes and eventually complications similar caused death. It's our hope that my sister can get through her multi-symptom illness. She's had a multi-symptom illnesses before, but this is a mix of some similar mix of some former and newer illness for her. To visit, you need to wear the hospital provided gown, protective gloves and mask. Also because of the C-DIF, and now the ESBL, one much wash their hands before and after visiting for one's own protection. 

11/25/2016 - DAY 3 - My sister will be moving from ICU to PDU at the local hospital. She's getting better and is expected not to need the ICU attention and be moved to PDU area. I do not have a PDU room number yet. The nursing home has indicated they are willing to return my sister to the nursing home (even though by this time, her bed hold days have likely expired). In case, you did not know the nursing home by the laws of the state require that a certified letter be sent each time the person in the nursing home is out of the facility for more than one day. It is to inform of the number of days remaining from the 30-days allowable by Medicaid per year.

11/24/2016 - DAY 2 - My sister was admitted to the local hospital in ICU. She is not responding to much, she wants to sleep most of the time, and as of last night we are waiting to hear from some medical test. A CT scan was negative. (that's good). So, we wait to see if possibly the C-DIF or other is causing problems or not. 

11/23/2016 - DAY 1- My sister last night was not responding too well. She wanted to sleep. Today, the nursing home staff became concerned and at around 10:10 AM she was sent to the local hospital emergency room. We are still waiting to hear from the hospital.

11/04/2016 - DAY 11 -  My sister returned to the nursing home. She still is in isolation protection that requires visitors to wear a gown and gloves. She was experiencing some nausea overnight as a result of a the medicine that is removing the bad and the good bacteria in the digestive system. This medicine ends tonight and she will be taking a medicine that will replace the good bacteria and start the flow of stomach flow again. She is being fed via the tube feed in upper G-Tube, which just blows my mind that she does not need the lower J-tube currently.

10/30/2016 - DAY 6 - My sister was more active and wanted to communicate more. She is developing a cough likely from aspiration pneumonia.  C-DIF can return during healing. We hope that she will continue to get healthy more each day. Our local church is reviewing to help with my sister's electronic wheelchair battery replacement and TV upgrade.

10/28/2016 - DAY 4 - My sister was originally admitted for rectal bleeding and it is a symptom of her having C-DIF, a communicable colon infection.  We are reminding folks as to hospital policy to wash your hands with soap and water at the hospital. The gloves and the alcohol wash is not enough. Today the doctor visited and shared this information with me. She will be in the hospital for a few more days. If you are taking antibiotics, it's suggested with the weaker immune system to not visit my sister at this time.

10/27/2016 - DAY 3 - My sister was moved to a regular room tonight at the local hospital.  The oxygen in her nose, was removed yesterday, and the vomiting has subsided. She had a ultrasound test on her heart to be sent to the cardiologis for review. The initial blood in the stool has been placed as low priority because her vitals have improved and she's normal in all other ways. We have no ETA when she will be sent back to the nursing home. I calculated and she has 19 Medicaid days leftover this year. 

10/26/2016 - DAY 2 - ICU has reported that my sister vomited a couple times already today and when that occurs she asperates and her heart is changing beat or slowing/stopping, and resumes immediately following. I have not confirmed is she has pneumonia or not, but given the asperation she likely does now. 

10/26/2016 - DAY 2 - My sister will be upgraded from a regular room to ICU at the same local hospital. They are wanting to more closely monitor her breathing which is somewhat shallow and concerned she may asperate. ICU can keep a more closely monitoring of her breathing and provide solutions.

10/26/2016 - DAY 2 - My sister was admitted overnight at the local hospital. The nurse will be calling me this morning to see how she did overnight and what care is to come. She may be returning to the nursing home by tomorrow, but no commitment yet.

10/25/2016 - DAY 1 - My sister will be entering the emergency room at the local hospital for rectal bleeding condition tonight around 11 PM. I do not know the extend or depth of the problem. I am aware that she likely has used up all her Medicaid allotted 30-days that will not renew until Jan 1st, 2017.  I have a different look on life. I know that God wants each and every one of us to be healthy, my sister included. As a caregiver, this news puts chills and shrills into the spine, but not me. I know that whatever time she spends in the hospital or doesn't, God's plan is still present and active. Nothing changes that, not even the evil we give permission to our lives. God plans will prevail.

10/21/2016 - My sister received her HyperSound Media TV Speaker system today. It will be programmed after my sister has a hearing test to see if she has a hearing deficiency and also a hearing aid was also won from a vendor at the Fairfield County Fair.  The TV Speaker system can be "tuned" to enhance a any potential hearing deficiency. Even though my sister could not go to the fair, she received a very nice set of prizes for someone that did not attend. It continues to show how far a caregiver can go to care for someone. 

Here's the information on this fabulous TV Speaker product!!

10/17/2016 - I was at the Fairfield County Fair last week and signed my sister for a hearing device for her hearing and a device to connect to the TV to direct the TV audio directly to her and minimize the TV audio heard by anyone outside the room. I allows her to have a directed audio and compensates for any hearing difficulty, whereby if she were deficient in one ear at 4,000 Hz, by 10 dB (volume intensity), then the sound she receives on the side of the ear with the deficiency will receive a higher volume level at that frequency or frequencies to hear just like she did as a kid.  The House of Hearing is the sponsor and will checking out her TV this week to see how it will be hooked up!  So, even though she did not attend the fair, she still won a prize!!!  Last night I programmed her communication device to also act as a TV remote (feature built-in device). She has a problem of pushing to long a period on the channel buttons or inadvertently pushes halfway or more than once causing her channel selection to skip channels. The communication board acting as a TV remote allows only one channel change per tap or pressing of the channel up/down button to change the channel on the TV.  What's nice is that it requires no batteries and it will not be dropped.  Sometimes one has to "look outside the box" to help a person in need as a caregiver. We are ever so focused on the present that we can't always look ahead or even see what some of the benefits of what we already have around us. 

09/20/2016 - The nursing home, after a phone call last Monday regarding the replacing of my sister's J-Tube prompted a review to see why my sister has gastric fluids being vented to a bag from her stomach G-Tube.  They have found that by giving her a different medicine, the stomach gastric fluids can be readily redirected into the lower abdomen and have one tube for the tube-feeding, thereby at some point removing the J-Tube. This is a major breakthrough. I told my sister that for a few years now, the emergency room is sometimes confused which tube needs connected for tube-feed and which for drainage. Now, soon she may have only the one G-Tube for tube feeding. The dentist has been visiting my sister regularly and he said that with her saliva production getting ahead of the dentist cleaning one or two teeth per visit, he's see a situation where the earlier teeth that were cleaned, are needing cleaned again. The dentist can only bring a small number of equipment that normally would be done in an dentist office.  My sister is likely going to be referred to Ohio State University Dental College for a complete teeth cleaning, which was what we asked for in the beginning.  Faith never fails. 

06/20/2016 - We put in a request for a compression vest system to help my sister keep her chest clear from phlegm and excess salivation. The doctor refused it. My sister has been more apt to cry out loudly sometimes without cause. I took a personal day from work to stop by, phone and contact some area nursing homes for my sister to move to, as she has requested. I have found that all are needing up to 1-year waiting period since there are a lot of requests.  New changes in Medicaid/Medicare law has closed some nursing homes and residents are finding places elsewhere. My sister also never remembers if her teeth are being brushed daily, but I have been confirmed that she is getting it done. The visiting dentist is cleaning her teeth one tooth at a time, because of her NPO status (no eating, drinking). Dentist noted that her teeth are improving between visits and it is attributed to brushing daily. On Friday, I found that her electric wheelchair needs new batteries. The existing batteries are expected to last up to 1.5 years. She got 3-years from the batteries!  New batteries cost $245 dollars. She is short $63 dollars in her savings.  We'll have to wait until her next disability deposit in her checking. (Actually, I'm an SSA Representative) Being an SSA Representative allows the caregiver to talk directly to the Social Security Administration with regard to the person you are caring for.  Otherwise, I have to write letters in Lisa's name when I need to request information.  The disability deposit goes into an account with my name on it, but in care for my sister. So, even though I receive the deposit and have a debit card in my name, any of the funds must be directly spent in the care for my sister.  One a year, I provide an accounting for my spending to prove to the SSA that I am following the rules.  Even when you are a Power-of-Attorney, the SSA does not recognize that. You should become an SSA Representative.  

05/13/2016 - My sister had the optometrist and the dentist see her this week. She has a tooth that has some black roots showing, and my sister said that it was need pulled. I spoke with the person in-charge regarding outside medical specialties and he was not aware of any follow-up care needed.

04/28/2016 - I met with my sister last night and she had much more energy even so that she got her haircut!  She looked better and was smiling. I have contacted the nursing home to begin again the mouth care by using a special tooth brush that keeps water from being swallowed. We are saving up for a new TV. The existing TV was in the former condo when my sister and mother were living together. It's several years old and the HDMI ports to connect a DVD player or Amazon Fire TV Stick will not work.  The HDMI ports are not working and we are saving $50 per month and expect to buy a new TV in 10-months.  Donations can be sent via Paypal at using my e-mail address or to ATTN: TV, STEEL, PO BOX 2377, Lancaster, OH 43130

04/08/2016 - I saw my sister last night and she had something she used to have, but didn't have it for the last 30+ days.  She had a smile. She has her smile back. It's nice to see that she is doing better and having a good time. It's my hope that she will continue to have good health.  So, we've learned here that even with her ailments, not from perfect health, one can go through so much, and still not only survive, but come out of it even better than once was.  She brings despair to me when she's sick, but after she is healed, we know where that comes from and for that I am overjoyed!

03/23/2016 - I visited with my sister. She had her nasal oxygen removed and is doing well without it.  She was however somewhat weak to have her hair cut at the facility, so she will be hopefully getting stronger after a period after discharging from the hospital.  I called FairHope Palliative Care and the Hospital follow-up team that will send a nurse as a follow-up from discharging from the hospital (a new program). She looks better and has a fuller face.  We are putting more emphasis on mouth care, including 2 to 3 times for swabbing the mouth and NPO toothbrushing 1 to 2 times per day.  We are paying $21.95 per quarter to replace a special toothbrush. It's my hope it will be used as requested by the visiting dentist. 

03/14/2016 Day 11 - My sister will be discharged from the hospital today at 12:45 PM this afternoon.  She looked much better yesterday and she will continue to have oxygen delivered through the nasal area at the nursing home. She made it back to the nursing home just in time for the 30-day medicare bed hold rule.  Thanks to everyone that made the effort and the opportunity to visit with my sister. The church visitations and get well cards were exemplary throughout my sister's stay at the hospital.

03/06/2016 Day 3 - My sister appears to be getting better.  When on Saturday, they moved her in the bed, her body oxygen level went down. Turns out that she cannot swallow or otherwise expel the pneumonia and needs to have the gurgling sound in her throat suctioned out by the nurse. My sister apparently is incapable of swallowing anything but liquid saliva. Anything thicker like coughing up from pneumonia, she can't swallow which narrowed the airway and consequently reduced her body oxygen level.  Her sodium level dropped partly also.  She seemed a little better but the high sodium in her body can cause confusion and communication problems. I'm beginning to understand her grunts and slight movements of the head for "Yes" and "No" questions. She is apparently wanting to keep the nurse notification gray pad in her hand and may want the TV on or off depending on it's status. From 9 AM to 12 PM she likes to watch "Let's make a Deal" and "The Price is Right" every week day.  Both her and our late mother liked to watch that show.  Now mother is watching in heaven the devil pleading "Let's make a deal" and Jesus telling Satan "The Price Paid on Calvary is Right"!

03/05/2016 Day 2 - My sister would have gone home, but her oxygen level dropped when they turned her this morning and her sodium level is still high. She is still suffering from bacterial pneumonia. It's a wonder, day-to-day what she will experience. An e-mail said that she is seriously sick. I expect that she is, but when filled with faith and hope, serious prayer is what is necessary. She had a small mask that covered her mouth and nose to provide direct oxygen. While I was at the hospital I found the G-Tube connection disconnected and leaking on her body.  Assisted hospital staff in determining that she wanted to move on her side, relieve stress on her feet and eventually turn off the TV, and restarting the J-Tube nourishment, all of which would be better if voiced, but using hand signals, and using thoughtful suggestions helps her to get through the day. Our church sent a hospital visitation person to talk to my sister and to have a prayer time.  I was advised by the doctor to review her full code status. My sister got a dose of having the mask over the mouth and it is times like these that you don't need to be changing someone's code status. It's the agreement from the person affected that makes the determination what their status is. What will our final day's look like?  Having seen the final days of my mother, I have seen and experienced this. Still, our love and concern for the one we hold dear, these things we are blind and do not think about.  A Power-of-Attorney (health and/or financial) with a trusted person helps the person if they are not able to express their feelings the POA/Caregiver, knowing the person makes the decisions in place of the person being cared for. Looking into someone's brain and thinking like someone else takes a lot of power out of someone. It's exhausting, very exhausting work.

03/04/2016 Day 1 - It's no surprise. My sister is in the hospital again for partial disorientation and pneumonia. I was in ER with her last night at the local hospital for over 5 hours. She had a CT, Chest X-ray, blood tests and all came back okay. She's anticipated that her J and G tubes were not leaking or causing issues. They were keeping her overnight for observation. I have a different feeling about that she will stay a few more days, but time will tell.

03/02/2016 DAY 14 - My sister is discharged from the hospital and returned to the nursing home.

03/01/2016 DAY 13 - I was not feeling well after returning home from work and I meekly ate supper and took to the couch.  I called the hospital and found that my sister moved from ICU to a regular hospital room. Her vitals have returned to normal and she's been coughing up the remainder of the pneumonia that she went in with. The leaking around the J-Tube was resolved with the new tube and the bulb that holds in the tube is properly inflated for her current physical needs. The G-Tube stomach fluids are secreting at a normal rate now.

02/29/2016 DAY 12 - I received three phone calls from the local hospital. My sister has undergone an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to see if the bleeding is external or internal. The tests were negative. She has her J-tube (feeding tube) replaced. There is a bulb that is opened up with air after the tube is inserted to keep the J-Tube in place. Another reason it's called a J-tube is because of it's hook shape.  The new J-Tube was installed by the hospital's imaging department who's able to see how the tube is being inserted and then in it's final resting place as well as see the liquid flow. This will prevent the intestine fluids from leaking outside her tube onto her skin and causing redness and discomfort. Overall, a busy day for my sister, but a prayer answered day for my sister.

02/29/2016 DAY 12 - I received a phone call at 6 AM that my sister had changed rooms. She has been upgraded to ICU.  My sister's hemoglobin level dropped and she needed units of blood to maintain the correct level. Today she is receiving tests. An Endoscopy and a colonoscopy to see if the bleeding is external or internal.  My sister is on the prayer lists of many people and our church.

02/28/2016 DAY 11 - My wife and I visited my sister and she was quiet as we watched Golden Girls, one of her favorite programs. She became somewhat agitated and wanted the nurse. She's been having some bleeding around the J-Tube due to some of fluids that are being pushed outwardly. I read the Psalm 63 that we had in church today.

02/24/2016 DAY 7 - Our attempt to visit with my sister was interrupted by a storm and power outages at the local hospital. We entered an elevator and the power went off. I pulled open the doors and we found a stairway that stops at the second floor.  I asked a working resident at the hospital and they did not know.  I would have thought the employee orientation job preparation class would have identified stairways and exit routes. Any way, the lights were still flickering and the other elevators were stuck and not working, we turned tail and went home.  We found that our home electricity was out from 4:53 PM to 8:01 PM. We enjoyed a good evening of cards and board games until the electricity came on.  Luckily, we have invested in some LED/battery lighting, so it was not so bad.

02/23/2016 DAY 6 - The local hospital is drawing back the IV body enrichment to have the automatic feed tube provide additionally 100 mL to make the kidney's work and drain the bladder to below 200 mL anticipating to have good kidney rhythm and operation. She was not as happy. If she feels like I do, she feels somewhat groggy and fatigued.  That sums up how she and I both feel. Going to the hospital to visit a patient every day is not an easy task. Some of the worry also draws against the resources I already use to raise a family.  The local hospital called and this time around they have a 30-day assessment and follow-up with the nursing home with regard to my sister's care.  Some focus is on how the nursing home keeps the patients' mouth clean by brushing and using a moistener swab periodically to reduce the bacteria from saliva and the interaction from medicines that can result in buildup of bacteria in one's mouth.  I've been pushing for this with the nursing home to provide regular mouth care.

02/23/2016 DAY 5 - My sister had a sonogram test procedure on her kidneys.  They recorded six consecutive short heart beats (first ever recorded) by their monitoring system. She was found to be deficient in potassium that caused it. She was asleep at the time.  I joked with her that she needed a banana. My sister had a history of a problem requiring isolation and the information the hospital keeps on-file. Visitors are now required to wear mask, gown and gloves. I'm visiting her each day in the hospital. One needs to feel that they are not alone.  It's easy to feel alone as a nursing home resident and as a caregiver. I confirmed that my sister had 30 medicaid bed hold days. One time she used them all up and arrived at the nursing home on the afternoon just before it expired. The Hand of God was definitely involved. Given some mechanical problems at home, I'm somewhat increased my faith, because in all the calamity, there is a future for me, waiting, and soon coming, given to me by my creator, God. 

02/19/2016 DAY 1- My sister has moved from the emergency room to a regular room in the local hospital.  I received a phone call from the hospital regarding her discharge location, but my sister will be staying there at the hospital probably through this week, my educated guess.  My children and wife particularly like to get the peanut butter chews that are in the food commissary.  I'll be visiting with her after 4 PM today.

02/19/2016 DAY 1- My sister was sent to the hospital at around 5:45 AM from the nursing home. This morning she has a 99 degree F temperature and she is stabilized. She has pneumonia in one of the lower lobes of the lung. She will be admitted to the hospital this morning. No room number is known at this time and will shared via the e-mail blast. If you are not on this list, go to the site below MORE and choose Members.  Add your self to be a member. Once I have approved the account, you will be on the e-mail blast list. Your prayers are requested.

02/18/2016 - I received a phone call from the nurse at the nursing home concerning my sister. She was bubbling around the mouth and was looking into space, the nurse found that she has a temperature of 101.1 degrees F, heightened blood pressure and higher heart rate.  Her doctor is notified as well as palliative care which we are signed up with them already in 2014.  The nurse said that my sister is not in any critical state, but having some acute symptoms to her stomach discomfort and excess fluids from the G-Tube (best that I can described).  They are ordering a portable chest x-ray to arrive and preparing to give her some drugs to counter her symptoms. We are praying she will get over this and especially the acute condition she is having now.  I know about death and am I am prepared that someday either one of us will die, and for Lisa's sake she has me throughout this time on earth.  Jesus, without warning will come for all of us, all that claim Jesus as our Rock and Redeemer.  Soon, someday we will be reunited with our great grandmother, our mother and father and family. Pray that my sister will get better.

02/04/2016 - I visited my sister in the nursing home and she is doing better.  She's not contagious and she is beginning to smile again.  She can accept visitors now.

01/30/2016 - The nursing home reported that my sister is doing better.  Her stomach upset has subsided and her temperature has returned to normal. I will call the nursing home today and see if she is over the stomach flu and not contagious. 

01/27/2016 - I was expecting to give a good health sunshine report, but I received a call from the nursing home and my sister is sick with the stomach flu.  EVERYONE IS ADVISED NOT TO VISIT HER FOR A FEW DAYS UNTIL THIS BUG GETS THROUGH HER.  The nursing home and hospital residents, patients and staff are all reporting this stomach virus bug and certainly I do not want anyone to get this by entering into the nursing home.  My sister is aware that I will not be visiting until further notice.  I will advise on this blog and by Mail Blast notices.  Thanks for looking out for my sister and us!

12/14/2015 - My sister celebrated a birthday and received up to 7 cards in the mail.  Four of the birthday cards came on her birthday.  She also won a BINGO and her graduating LHS class received money from others in the alumni and treated my sister with Christmas decorations and stayed for over 1-1/2 hours. She had a wonderful day for her birthday.  I'm glad she did because many things can happen in a person's life and certainly she deserved to enjoy a day that only she could enjoy.  If your having a birthday soon and your working, take a personal or vacation day.  You were not born at work, so why should you be at work on your birthday? If you are a caregiver, remember to give yourself time away to take a break, a vacation, a trip to McDonalds or a nice expensive restaurant. As a caregiver you are hurting too, and it takes these comforts to make sure you do not fall off the wagon of life.  The Church and our new Pastor is making a difference in my life.  To be looked into the eyes and told that I am God's child is reassuring that I do not have anything to fear, nothing to regret and certainly sins that can be forgiven. Let this spirit of Christmas roll over you, take over your mind, spirit and soul. Say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.  He IS the REASON for the SEASON!

10/30/2015 - My sister reported several abdominal pain last night at 11:15 PM.  She was taken to the local hospital emergency room and found she has a slight infection from UTI.  She is taking a prescription to clear up the problem. She returned overnight back to the nursing home. She is not experiencing any pain.

08/24/2015- My sister's communications board computer will be shipped today or tomorrow. The manufacturer is in Ohio, so we will receive it the very next day. My sister will be excited. She is also waiting on getting new glasses soon. We've been waiting for about 3-weeks and my sister is becoming impatient, which is understandable since she her cataracts were operated on (another miracle she got through) and wants to see again. My sister gets confused when surfing between TV channels and thinks that her shows are not on TV. I've reduced the number of repeated channels that are on the TimeWarner Cable Network by making only the channels she watches and only those channels that are not repeated from other channels. I have told my sister that we have a new pastor at the church. I like the way Rev. Dr. Brian Jones gets right to the core of our soul, in hopes that we will be saved, and the instructions to do so!

08/07/2015 - My sister has been concerned about her glasses needing the prescription updated and her communication device repaired.  Both have been waiting on the optometrist and the slowness of the nursing home since the communication device was sent in for repair on 04/13/2015.  Finally the optometrist came and is getting my sister's new glasses, frame and lens. She will have her glasses in two weeks. Medicare approved the repair of my sister's communication device that allow's her to communicate since she lost her ability to talk from the last stroke she had several years ago.  My oldest son broke his glasses, and due in part to my poor underemployment situation, I was finally able to purchase the VSP plan and Noah has to wait two weeks until our next paycheck.  Yes, that's right, we are out of money on the Monday after the previous Friday paycheck. I've had enough of it and took an insurance course and after I pass the State of Ohio test, I will be a licensed insurance agent and will make BIG bucks to get my son off to college next September, 2016.

 07/26/2015 - My sister has been having crying spells from my last two visits. The nursing home failed to give her a bath she normally receives on Saturday evening and earlier today, her bed was not elevated, as needed due to the tube feeding requiring a 30 degree head height.  I met my cousin in a grocery store this week that reminded me that I may be able to get my sisters legal power-of-attorney papers modified to include a secondary POA in the case of my temporary or permanent absence.  I have a Pre-Paid Legal plan called the LegalShield that will prepare a Durable Power-of-Attorney, a Will and additional papers to protect my sister.  I am also an Independent Associate for the LegalShield and offer it in Ohio and other states.  Go to or contact me directly.

06/15/2015 - My sister went backup up to the Eye & Ear Institute in Columbus, OH this morning for a follow-up.  Her eyes need a little more time to heal and the eye drops therapy has helped lower the right eye pressure well below where normal is and this was a positive outcome, likely reducing the chance my sister may have gotten glaucoma in the right eye. The draining area in the eye must be draining as it is expected.  She needs 3-4 more weeks before her eyeglasses prescription can be determined and then she will be on the road to seeing clearer. 

06/09/2015 - My sister went back up to the Eye & Ear Institute in Columbus, OH this morning and the surgery outcome is positive.

06/08/2015 - My sister had surgery at the Ohio State University for cataract surgery. She was placed under a general anesthesia and came out of it wonderfully.  The surgery went well. They worked on both eyes. The right eye showed that an area where the eye drains was blocked partially and the doctor took a some additional time in surgery to open up the drain in the eye.

06/07/2015 - My sister's most wonderful day is closer than it will every be!!!  She is scheduled for surgery on Monday, June 8th, at 7:15 AM and OSU Medical Center Surgery where she will incur a light anesthesia and have one or both eyes removed of cataracts.  It's a wonderful day because we have been working for over 2-years on this health project having problems with scheduling, a local opthomologist's office which cannot accept persons requiring conveyance assistance and thereby may be at risk of violation with the Americans with Disabilities Act due to office building limitations. It's been a long road, angst and broken feelings from compassion. It's finally going to happen.  She will be picked up at early tomorrow morning and will hopefully be recovered from the light anesthesia and return to the nursing home.  Then on Tuesday, June 9th, to Columbus, OH again, but this time at 10 AM for a follow-up from results of the surgery.  Then again on Monday, June 15th for same.  It's been a long road and just a few more miles to go and be rid of this milestone and move forward.  PLEASE PRAY FOR MY SISTER.  I will be praying for her. For most, this is a simple operation, especially for these folks at OSU.  She will be in good hands, and the Lords.

06/01/2015 - My sister's J-Tube which accepts the tube feedings has been leaking over the weekend around the area where the J-Tube enters the body. They sent her to the local hospital early last night to have a smaller tube put in anticipating the entry to tighten around it. The local hospital only had a temporary Foley tube. My sister will be sent to the local hospital again today or when the new smaller J-Tube becomes available. My sister has cataract surgery on June 8th. I hope that this does not cause any issues.

05/21/2015 - My sister is scheduled to have cataract surgery on Monday, June 8th at the OSU Medical Center in Columbus, OH using only light anesthesia. This will allow my sister to have a faster recovery and return to the nursing home. She has a follow-up appointment the next morning at the OSU Eye Surgery Center near the OSU Medical Center.  She'll have another appointment the following Monday, June 15th for another follow-up at same location. As usual, I gave a 15-day notice to have the nursing home accept and pay for the repair on my sister's communication board. It needs a new CPU processor and will cost upwards to $1,600 dollars. Medicaid will not pay for the repair, since my sister is in a nursing home and under their care, thereby they (the nursing home) is held responsible and required by Law to pay for the repairs, because the communication board is the only method by which my sister can convey herself effectively. These are the reasons why a caregiver is need for every resident in a nursing home. Many organizations are not properly informed with regard to their full array of responsibilities especially when it comes to the needs of having medical devices that the nursing home does not have on-site. At the previous nursing home, my sister needed a device that would help remove phlegm from her lungs daily. The nursing home was pressed to offer this to her, and they decided to rent the unit monthly as my sister needed it. So, it goes to show you that the caregiver is a vital need to every resident, shut-in or parents that are aging and just need a little help.

04/27/2015 - My sister and I spent most of the morning at the OSU Medical Martha Morehouse Pavilion to have pre-OP testing and determining if my sister can endure the anesthesia needed to go through cateract surgery.  Well, she passed with flying colors and we expect to receive a phone call for the surgery date. My sister will be able to have a light anesthesia, and this will allow her to listen and follow simple commands during the surgery and have a shorten recovery. I just had a recent diagnostic test that required the light anesthesia. My experience from just waking up and my wife's interpretation, I'll have a good grasp on what to expect. I'm going to tell Lisa that now after she gets the surgery she'll be able to see Jesus!  But I'll follow that up with "Seeing is Not Believing, Believing is Seeing!"  A Powerful statement. I'm pleased that my sister will be moving on and gaining her sight back and possibly avoiding glaucoma.

04/01/2015 - Visited my sister today to find she had the room notification button depressed and notifying the staff that she needed changed. During time I was there it took about 25 minutes to get to the task of changing a dirty depends, for number 1 and 2. My sister cried loudly prior to being changed because she felt despair and feeling like she was being ignored.  I spoke the nurse about it and e-mailed the manager for the medical office to review.  This event will be brought up on a care conference meeting soon to be scheduled. I'm overall happy with the nursing home she's in. I'm sure at time, though fairly rare, an oversight can occur even in the best of places.  The only place for which not address resides on this earth, is Heaven. This is where everything is thought of and no oversight ever, never were to take place, thanks in all part by our Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord, who by his death and resurrection, put our sins onto his body, for which He paid dearly with His Life.  Jesus lives and will come again, soon.  Be ready.

03/14/2015 - My sister's loaner electronic communications board came in and I will be taking it to her on Sunday. She wasn't too happy today. I think she's not getting enough sleep at night.

03/10/2015 - Day 5 My sister returned home from the hospital to the nursing home about 1:30 PM. She is receiving antibiotic medication for the pnemonia and oxygen through the nose. Breath treatments as needed.  We are surprised and happy to have her back to the nursing home.  She was chosen as Resident of the Month for March. We have request she has a haircut and a bath since coming back from the hospital. Sometimes, the body comforts forementioned are still important.  Even Jesus bent down and washed the disciples feet.  I bent down and recover her glasses case, a TV remote and Kleenex tissues we had for her still had remained at the hospital.  Sometimes, and many don't do their jobs, requiring the caregiver to step-in and complete what was not completed.

03/09/2015 - DAY 4 My sister has pneumonia in one upper lung area. She is expected potentially be discharged in 2-3 days, given she can recover with IV, oxygen and medications at the nursing home.

03/06/2015 - DAY 1 My sister was admitted to a regular room. She has pneumonia and will be in the hospital for a few days (let's hope).  She has a full 30-days allocated to her by Medicaid.

03/06/2015 - My sister was sent this morning to the emergency room due to excessive coughing with an upper respiratory issue and the hospital will review what is causing this excessive coughing she is having.  I am going to see her this morning.

02/25/2015 - My sister went to an appointment in Columbus, OH at the OSU Eye & Ear Center to review her eye conditions surrounding cataracts.  She has high eye pressure in one eye and may be attributed to years of cataract growth on the eye surface. There will be necessary surgery  to clear up this matter to prevent further complications including glaucoma. The other eye will have clear vision after the cataract is removed.  We also had a power outage at the medical center for about 10-minutes. I followed my sister up to the medical center and then afterwards, I had a wonderful lunch at the Schmits autobaun sausage lunch bar. I had salad with real bacon bits, YES, Real Bacon!, a mild and a regular Baha Mama sausage with cooked cabbage, red cooked cabbage, a green bean mix to die for and too many more items, since I visited the sausage bar twice. I took the famous creme puff to my wife and purchased two mild large Baha Mamas to enjoy at home.

02/06/2015 - My sister cried because an appointment that we were led to believe from the MST nursing home was not scheduled.  My sister needs cataract surgery and I believe they should be able to do it under a local anesthesia.  Also speech therapy has been slow to sign the remainder of the paperwork to allow Medicaid to pay for the repair on my sisters communication device.  It requires a $1,600 dollar computer processor.  It already has new batteries, a new external battery charger and main controller board. She is expecting a loaner unit to be provided soon whilst the existing unit is being repaired. We hope this process will move quickly and the open issues the nursing home can get resolved.  The ceiling light closest to the door has for a second time stopped working and the nursing home was advised twice since it went out the second time.  Trust me, your family member cannot get along without a caregiver to look upon, ask questions and post issues to assure they are resolved quickly.  My boss is taking care of his father and step-mother who are needing medical and caregiving assistance. I have provided valuable information including an electronic lock system for the front door to assure the door is locked when the nursing and counselors move in and off the property.  It was the same that I did for my mother and sister when I found out that the front door was being left unlocked overnight for about one-week until I found out and made an immediate dash to the home store and installed the lock system myself. I had given the nurse, my uncle and the nursing assistants separate lock codes so they could come and go.  They had been instructed to lock the door each time and it worked well.

01/01/2015 - Yes, I got the year correct for New Year's Day. My wife's mother is being discharged sometime today. She has some reduced kidney function, but well enough to go home. Luckily, she did not have any infections that I typically have to deal with regarding my sister, and formerly with my mother. I look to the Year 2015 being in abundance of God's favor for both our families and my sister.  My sister now has 30 hospital days available through Medicaid/Medicare.

12/30/2014 - This blog is principally for my sister, but we have news on the front.  My wife's mother is being admitted after having gone to the emergency room for kidney related issue and breathing treatments. This is a difficult time for my wife, given she has not directly experienced what I have seen when a close loved one is in the hospital.  I have sent her hopeful texts to her phone to help her through this. We are praying for her and mother-in-law. 

12/30/2014 - My sister had a wonderful time opening gifts on Christmas day. We wrapped them in tissue paper and my sister was better able to open the gifts herself. 

12/14/2014 - We celebrated my sister's birthday today. She was happy with her gift. My wife wrapped the gift in designed tissue paper which made it easier for my sister to open it up on her own.  We plan to get 3-5 gifts for her at Christmas for clothes items needed.

11/22/2014 - I visited my sister on Saturday and this morning was the first time she was without the need for oxygen. She's "oxygen-free" or at least free from the thing in her nose and around her ears that fed the oxygen to her.  She didn't have much of a smile, but now she's grinning from  ear-to-ear.Our deceased mother's birthday would have been November 20th, Thursday.  She would have been 77-years of age. We still celebrate her life and the life everlasting where her address is now.   

11/10/2014 - I visited with my sister on Sunday afternoon and the nurse said that she is doing better.  My sister was watching the TV.  She said she was feeling better and I told her it probably was the riding in the ambulance so much in the last couple of weeks. Sometimes patience pays off. 

11/08/2014 - I visited with my sister today and she is experiencing a low-grade temperature, nausea and diarrhea. She says she does not feel well an remains on oxygen delivered to the nose, though she does not fall below 80% oxygen concentration level when removed from it for a time.  She is however dressed in her own nightgown, sleeping in the bed and room she calls home. I can't believe that she is still having some of the same issues since having been with two hospitals and four departments between them.  Either this medical problem is a mystery or the medical community at large is not able to solve this one.  Time will tell.  "When you go through hard times, God isn't testing you to be faithful to Him; He's proving HIs faithfulness to you."

11/05/2014 - DAY 30 - OMG!  This is normally used when texting and sometimes inappropriately, but not in this case.  Day 27, 28, 29, 30 - $200 per day to keep my sister in her existing nursing home, which is medicare law.  My sister is RETURNING from the Columbus, OH based critical care hospital TODAY to the nursing home  that shes been in since my mother died.  My sister will leave Columbus at 1 PM this afternoon to return to the nursing home. Today is her 30th day in hospitals and has used up her entire hospital days for this year until Jan 1st, 2015 she receives another 30-day hospital allowance.  Talk about God watching over us!  I personally at times, wish I had more money to help my sister, but God gave us a tax-free return for my sister to come back home to Lancaster, OH by not having to pay the $200 per day medical requirement, if she'd had been absent from nursing home one-more-day!  Just goes to show you that if your having a bad day, one-more-day will make a difference in your life.  Be faithful, pray often, and be a witness to others.

10/29/2014 - DAY 24 - My sister is doing well with oxygen around the nasal area, breathing treatments twice per day and off medications currently reported this morning. She could return sometime up to Monday, but time will tell.

10/24/2014 - DAY 19 - My sister was moved to Select Critical / Long-term Medical Hospital in Columbus, OH in the Victorian Village area.  I expect to visit with her tomorrow to see how she's doing and take some personal items to help her feel more at home. This happened in Dec 2012 when she due to extended illness lost her room at a former nursing home and after being promised she'd be gone up to a month, she was only there for one-week, the week of Christmas. I was shopping for nursing homes when many others were shopping at the mall, thinking about Christmas, when I was offering the most thoughtful gift of all.  The gift of human love, which pales by far to the everlasting Love of Jesus Christ. I felt some of the remorse seeing her FMC hospital bed empty when I went to pick up her electronic communication board and personal large-button TV remote.

10/22/2014 - DAY 17 - My sister is looking better.  She's pending transfer to Select Critical long-term care Hospital in Columbus, or Zanesville, OH. She is still somewhat weak and still trying to cough out the bacterial infection in her lungs from the bacterial pneumonia (the worst kind).  Her low-grade fever has gone away. She continues to lose water and they are running two feeding lines with water and food nourishmentIt's answered prayer that my sister will get critical hospital care. She's wearing her glasses now and watching some of her favorite TV shows.

10/16/14 - DAY 11 - My sister is pending discharge on Friday or Saturday, Oct 17 or Oct 18th.  She's only on a low-dose oxygen with a tube across her nose.  She's somewhat tired, but feeling better.  Luckily she is using up to 12 to 13 days of her medicate's 30 hospital days where she can only be out of the nursing home in a medical care facility for up to 30-days non-consecutively per year.  On January 1st, she receives another 30-day hospital stay allocation.  If she ever uses up the 30-days in any one-year, she has to pay the nursing home $192 dollars per day to retain her room in the nursing home. This is a state and Federal law.  My sister cracked a smile when I told her that youngest son is going to be her new doctor.  Of course, he had the yellow garb, mask and latex gloves. When he put this on, he said, “Let’s do some surgery!”  The nurse, assistants and others in ear-shot laughed and smiled.  He is a ham, like I was as a kid.  It’s refreshing. 

10/14/14 - DAY 9 - My sister had the BiPAP (CPAP) mask removed. The Challenger has landed (or we wish it would have). My sister looked like a space astronaut and felt just as uncomfortable. Her nurse said that my sister's breathing has improved much. She's taking prescriptions to reduce the amount of fluid in her body that ICU and ER put in by IV the Sodium Chloride. I read a couple of Bible verses praising God for making her healthily. I don't know if she heard me since here eyes were getting sleepy. Just as reading the last pages of a story to a sleepy child, so is the calm and sublime periods of silence and timely reading of the Bible verses to a sleepy sister. I know she heard me and I blessed her knowing that God and everyone who has prayed for her, so is a prayer again answered. I am not within the boundaries of ICU room 4, where my mother died but triumph was realized. His praise proclaimed and through Jesus who broke death, and in heaven Mom resides.

10/12/14 - DAY 7 - My sister moved from ICU to the PCU room 336.  She is still on the CPAP (BPAP) mask for breathing. She may have fluid extracted from around her lung(s) if the doctor deems it necessary.  This is a good indication that my sister is moving forward in her health. 

10/11//14 - DAY 6 - My sister has bacterial pneumonia, one of the worst types. I visited with her this morning and expect to go back this afternoon.  The CPAP breathing mask was removed for a time, but my sister was having difficulty and added a full-face CPAP mask to offer a more complete seal and to be more comfortable. The breathing treatments were given every 4 hours overnight. She was sedated to allow her to relax and sleep well last night. I had a conversation with my sister and she agreed if it was necessary to ventilate using the tube, she would agree to it. This just goes to show you and the smile that my sister has, even though she cannot smile now, it still glowing in her willingness to beat this infection and remain on this planet. 

10/10/14 - DAY 5 - My sister was feeling better 24-hours after arriving in ICU, and the feeding tube was the only thing that was hooked to her, aside from vitals monitoring.  Last night, she was back on an IV bag and an IV medicine.  She's been given breathing treatments due from the high concentration of acid from he stomach when she vomited at the nursing home and burnt the bottom of her lip and instantly developed pneumonia. In addition, she has a UTI infection and Sepsis. She attempts to cough sometimes and she cannot expel enough air, and other times, she can cough and you can hear the noise of congestion in her lungs.  We have been praying for her and asking Jesus to look over her, offer peace and healing. My sister says from day to day that she is so-so, by the wavering of her hand when she shows how she feels.  I have been visiting every day and I have not had the time to update this blog. I have been helpful getting my sister the things she needs from the ICU staff.  Tuesday, her nose piece came off her glasses and I ran out to Lenscrafters to replace both nose pieces and returned in the same evening. She also has a hard time pushing the buttons for the TV.  I'm taking the spare big-button TV remote to her today, to see if we can program it to change the channel and adjust the volume. I am off work today for Fair-Day!

10/06/2014 - DAY 1 - My sister is being sent over to the FMC Emergency to evaluate why she has a dark colored stomach fluids from the G-Tube. She was ill with a stomach virus or similar related to symptoms of nausea and loose bowel. I plan to be with her later today given the outcome. We are not aware if she will be admitted.  This will be updated as more events occur.

08/20/2014 - The last furniture item, my sister's piano is up for donation. I contacted the local Eagles association and they were to have a meeting last night to determine or put up for first review.  The nursing home who had first dibs on it has been slow to respond now for a couple months with little communication about their intention.

08/18/2014 - Today, I canceled my mothers electricity to the condo.  I paused before entering the doorway to South Central Power. I was tearful as I stood in front of the utilities office.  I'd have given anything to keep her electricity on if she'd just come back and have it all as it was. But there is no pain, despair, lack of love, hate or disease.  It's the vacation spot unknown to man and cannot be found on

07/26/2014 - My sister said today that she's having problems seeing. I think that it will get worse, that the worst that can happen is that she will go blind.  No.  Our bags are packed.  We are equipped through life to do what God wanted us to do. For those things that come too hard for us, seeds are planted throughout our life. Stretch forward, push harder, know that the seed is in you. Your bags are packed. You have nothing to fear.  If God is with us, who can defeat us? I'm prepared to tell my sister that she's equipped with seeds that will grow within her. It will be hard for her, it may be difficult and sometimes improbable however with time, the seed will grow and new dreams that never were known will flourish.  The smallest seed is the mustard seed. It grows to be the largest tree.   The difference between coal and a diamond is the pressure.  My sisters character, strength and spirit will strengthen.  I sometimes wonder, since my mother is gone.  She cared for my sister and was with her everyday. She'd be crushed about my sister's vision problem.  I have hope, knowing that with her in heaven, she knows already the outcome, she knows the success and hope that is coming, she knows how it will turn out, because she is with God.  And God only knows what will happen.  If God provides the gifts and favor to our lives, what can defeat us.  No.  Faith will win over any negativity.   

07/16/2014 - My sister has noted that her vision is causing her more difficulty in seeing. She has the beginning stages of cataracts.  I think that as the body ages, we become subject to more pains and more problems.  It's more than that. It's about Hopeful Expectation. You have to know that God is working behind the scenes to prepare to provide favor and healing upon you. Joel Osteen really helps me feel better about my life, be thankful for what I have, and right-now faith knowing that at the end of the day, I'm one day closer to fixing the van, paying off the debt, affording the insurance that otherwise I'd have nothing to leave for my family after my death, and feeling more healthyMany times, we think that God will work for us in the future, or will give us something in the future.  A suddenly and done-for-you-right-NOW faith is knowing that now God is working in your life, NOW God is changing the things that stress you out and attacks your hopefulness.  I will become more healthier Today.  I will be out of debt TODAY!  My sister will have better vision - TODAY!

If you expect to have an ordinary year, that your health will fail, or the debt to never be repaid, these things will happen.  If you expect more, God will meet you to your expectation.  Go to bed and be thankful that you're one day closer to receiving God's favor.  God is longing to be good to you.

Hopeful Expectation Faith.  Pray for God's favor and healing.

06/20/2014-My deceased mother's former condo has been cleaned out the rooms are vacant. I have just a small number of small boxes to carry out, but if the property is locked by the bank, I won't miss any of the items.  We do however, have the piano to donate to the nursing home. We are awaiting word on this. The week that we had to clean out the building was very tiring and nearly drove us to our brink.  Looking back, it's a good time to feel now that the place is released from my worry, my pocket book and my life. We had many good times in my mother's home, but after having been back, especially now that the home is empty, it is no longer Mother's home, but now just a building and a shell of what we enjoyed most around the holidays of birthdays, Easter, Memorial day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and sometimes New Years Eve. It was my mom who made it all come together and in having a great time together for eats, drinks, and good conversation.  It's too bad that most of who I know don't have the same activities in my generation. Mom's home wasn't all that large and she didn't have a lot of money to purchase expensive foods. All this time it really was her that we were going for.  I knew this, and the food was great too.  I still have a picture where the kids are making funny faces in front of the picture tube of the TV.  Another era that I wish would come back.

06/01/14 - My deceased mother's former condo is in foreclosure. My wife and I were served a summons to alert that the property was entering foreclosure. We had a lot of furniture and still have two major sized pieces to remove, but funds are low and we had to cancel the mover for this Wednesday. The neighbor who is having their son moving into an apartment removed up to 5 furniture pieces, allowing the condo to be nearly removed of furniture minus to two excess pieces we are personally wanting to retain. We are asking if the neighbor will assist in moving these two pieces.  The condo only has electricity because the utilities were shut off last week and we do not intend to pay any remaining balance due to the estate being responsible and the mortgage company taking ownership.  The motor in my deceased father's van that I own needs repairs, and our home's A/C compressor needs replaced.  The utilities and electricity has drained us dry financially keeping the condo from freezing over the winter. I did retain a book case that Mother had.
05/22/14 - My sister is going well. Her communication device, after sometime replacing the batteries is having boot-up problems and it at the factory for repair/maintenance. It's our hope that unit will be returned soon and working so that my sister can effectively communicate.

04/04/14 - The date is really special being nearly all four's.  We are obtaining a new battery for my sisters communications board before the existing one gets too old to operate the unit.  She is doing fairly well.  I was sick with bronchitis and had to stay away from my sister until my cough and congestion was better.  She would like others to visit her.  She misses some of the people she met at our mother's memorial service and would like to see them again.  We have FairHope Palliative Care visiting my sister as a second set of eyes and touch to maintain her health and bereavement.

03/15/2014 - The Memorial Service was memorable. The planning and preparation was a lot of work and making phone calls. Mostly it was also remembering my mother and others reflection during conversations.  Below is my writing that I read before everyone at the service. The meal that followed allowed a time for family to meet again, have conversations and remember Mom. I want to also thank my church for having this Memorial Service in the buildings that have significant meaning in my life.


I want to thank everyone for taking time from your day to be here to remember our mother.  Your presence here today is beyond words that I can say.

Our mother was a great cook and knew how to sew and she made her own clothes and most of our clothes when we were young. She was a caregiver. I believe that God has a plan for our lives before we become and after we are not. I remember that Mom was always there for us, she had a good spirit and she was willing to help. Julia died two months ago to this day.  Sometimes life moves us in a direction we had not intended.  On the day our mother died, my sister and I experienced many deep spiritual moments and meaningful symbolism, some intentional and some not. We received a gift from heaven that let Mom stay just a few days longer to offer my sister and I the time to adjust to her death. It was a day in my mother’s room where heaven and earth came together amongst those who were present. I experienced the cremation and prayed over her, preceding the flames of material transformation, it’s experiential significance and it’s deliverance to the hereafter.

Our mother attended this church for 60-years. It was nice to bring my family to church and have her sitting there in row 7.  We sat in the same pew on the following Sunday when the pastor announced Mom’s death to the church.  I knew that someday the pew would be empty and sometimes feared playing it over in my mind. I remember being with Mom when she was helping on the church’s flower committee. She helped arrange the flowers during my childhood and enjoyed it. I often came with my mother to the church when she was arranging flowers on a Saturday, like today.

Christmas was our mother’s favorite time of year (holiday).  In examining our mother’s history, parts of her life, long forgotten became present. She had a way of making Christmas special.  I was especially fond of the food. Turkey for Thanksgiving, and a ham for Christmas.  We always had a Christmas Eve celebration after church, where we would come together and have a meat and cheese tray, nuts, cookies and deviled eggs.  Actually I have my Aunt Jean to thank for the deviled eggs that to this day I still receive eggs from her.  We learned that it was the fellowship of family that brought us together.

My mother cared for my grandmother when she was relocated from her home to assisted living. In the year 2000, my sister ran into health issues and our mother took it upon herself to help Lisa. These events were the beginning of our mother’s commitment to provide caregiving.

I want to let you in on a little secret. We have been blessed by this process, the process of our mother dying with my renewed commitment to provide caregiving for my sister.  Mom’s daily sacrifice was exemplary on how we should live our life.  We have learned about how often our mother spoke to others about how proud she is of her grandchildren. We have found that people care and even the family you do not see everyday are there when you need them. We learned that our church is supportive during the most difficult times and that being a caregiver for two people IS very difficult.

We learned from our mother that you do not turn your back on family. It is our family that helps us and and gets us through the tough times. But, what is more important, it is the times we thought Jesus had left us, only to find that the times we thought there were two sets of footsteps in our path of life, there was only one. It is Jesus Christ who carries us through the loss and the difficulties of life.

Jesus is carrying us right now.

Singing: “Breathe on me, Breath of God,

                So shall I never die,

                But live with thee the perfect life of thine eternity.”

Our mother was a wonderful person, full of care and concern for others, sometimes leaving her own concerns aside.  Her memory will never be forgotten and this memory is alive in us, that we may move through life, known to this, and ponder its meaning in our own life.

So Mom, I welcome you to the Eternity of Heaven as you look down upon us and the Holy Spirit moves within us. Thank you, Mom.  God bless you, God Bless us and God Bless everyone present.

02/20/2014 - My mother will be having her Memorial service at the local church where she and our family attend.  The date is March 15, 2014 at 11:00 AM.  I recommend coming between 15 to 30 minutes early.

02/20/2014 - My sister will be receiving Palliative Care service from FairHope Palliative Care starting on March 2nd, 2014. My sister and the doctor thought this would be a good fit for her since this will provide another set of eyes.  A doctor and a nurse will visit my sister at alternate times each month.

01/06/2014 - My sister received a new J-Tube.  She is receiving her nutrition through the new tube. Her doctor was involved in the solution to resolve my sisters feeding tube.  Yeah!  More good news! How Glorious!

01/06/2014 - My sister was sent at 1:15 AM this morning to the emergency room to try to contain the fluids coming from the Temporary Foley tube. She was returned to the nursing home sometime during the night. My sisters temporary replacement J-Tube was found to be leaking profusely in and around the tube area.  These fluids are bile and stomach acids. The nursing home uses skin protection and treatments but the Temporary J-Tube is not working well, though they are able to feed her with the feeding tube attached to this. My sister is having a new proper J-Tube installed surgically sometime today, A time has not been established.  My wife brought me to work this morning. Her car is higher off the ground and heavier.

01/04/2014 - My sister was receiving a bath when by chance the J-Tube that she receives external feeding from was pulled out. She went to the emergency room at around 1 AM and and was sent back soon after with the Foley tube, which is a temporary replacement. I found out that the smaller car that I am driving will not move from the curb due to the snow that was plowed under and around the automobile. The van I usually drive has a head gasket leak and is not recommended to be driven. I am working to see if it can be repaired. My supervisor brought me to work. Last night was the biggest snow storm on record. Six-inches was reported with freezing rain.

02/03/2014 - I received a corrected e-mail from another Ohio Department of Jobs and Family services client support noting that the case is closed due to my mother's death and the information I provided and received 51 minutes after Mom exited this world, the ODJFS unallocated the condo property for Medicaid.  We can sell, foreclose or walk-away from the property. It has zero-equity.

02/01/2014 - I received notice via e-mail, although vague, from Ohio Department of Job and Family Services that Mom's condo may still be considered for Medicaid reimbursement even though the property is over $20,000 dollars owed in mortgage over any selling price.  I am spent and do not want to participate in this event.  I want the condo to go into foreclosure and walk away.  Apparently and expected, ODJFS does not have a calculator with a minus key.  We have determined that most of the furniture will be exited from the property, however the fire insurance ends on Feb 13th, due to State Farm official notice that they will not cover a property for fire with no one living in the property.  This was received a week before Mom died.  I am anxious when I retire to stop using e-mail for important or legal communications. The US Mail is sufficient for that. I have secured the automobile outside probate and put the personal property under an automobile trust.

01/15/2014 - I contacted the nursing home and requested they have my sister in the wheelchair to go see our mother. Of course, do not bother her until her "The Price is Right" and "Let's Make a Deal" TV shows is done playing from 10 AM to 12 PM.  I asked the staff at the nursing home to work on the TV on channel 10 or 10.1 digital and turn up the volume. Mom always watched that show, but not as much as Lisa does.  I have to thank my mother for many things, but one thing sticks out in my mind, her stubbornness. My pastor prayed yesterday that we thank Jesus for a Mom's stubbornness and God's stubborn Love that never gives up or falters. 

01/15/2014 - The FairHope hospice nurse visited Mom today and noted that she was stable during the night. She is on comfort care, and surprisingly the nursing home is giving her antibiotics in an attempt to minimize the infections from UTI SEPSIS and pneumonia.

01/14/2014 - Mom was transferred to the nursing home she resided at before earlier being sent to the hospital. She made the trip well. The FairHope Hospice has been activated and they have already sent over a nurse and are administering drugs needed for Mom over the coming weeks. They are offering 13-months bereavement counseling to Lisa and myself.  WOW!  I told the ambulance drivers the she is a precious person and to be careful.  I was surprised when I arrived at the nursing home that my mom was escorted in a Mercedes Benz ambulance. I settled for a Ford Focus, that was actually a real nice car!  Have you driven a Ford lately?  I was guaranteed to arrive.  My pastor from my church was visiting the hospital and offered to take me over to the nursing home.  I mean, WOW, that's service. Jesus won't only get you to heaven, but he will help you get across town! Hallelujah!  Hopefully my mother after having received a good rest overnight will have the opportunity for me to see the room and tell her what we have done.  Mom has offered us a gift.  A gift to see and be with her, talk to her and feel her hands and arms and hug her.  What a perfect gift, a stubborn Love that never stops, never.

01/14/2014 - DAY 6 - Today we are preparing to return Mom to the nursing home. The hospital has an unwritten policy to move patients from the comfort care floor within 5 to 7 days.  I'm concerned of the frailness of her body and successfully making the trip.  Through here say I learned that some ambulances will turn back and turn the transported person back to ER if the person expires during transit.  Let's pray the we do not have to go over that road. 

01/13/2014 - DAY 5 - Please scroll down and see on 09/12/2013 when Mom went into the hospital for a light case of SEPSIS. See a pattern of repetitiveness?  Sepsis is persistent and eventually can get you and affect your family tree.

01/13/2014 - DAY 5 - I just received a phone call from my wife, who will be in the room for 3-4 hours today. Mom's eyes are open and I had my wife take Mom's glasses (that I had gotten emotional about when we got her out of ICU on Saturday, assuming at the time she was going into a regular hospital room).  She is awake, with eyes open and watching (or listening to) the "Price Is Right TV" show and later the "Let's Make a Deal" TV Show.  I know my sister at the Main St Terrace is watching the same two shows! Her night was uneventful and she got some sleep.

UPDATE: We are processing to move mother back to the nursing home. The doctor is being consulted regarding this move. I have been assured by the nursing home that they will obtain the controlling drugs in-time for her arrival.

01/13/2014 - DAY 5 - The hospital has a 5-7 day undocumented policy to move care comfort patients back to the nursing home or home. This is a delicate move. The doctors are making the decision. I want my sister to be with her and see her. This is a perfect gift but falls short of the One that is perfect, Christ Jesus.

01/12/2014 - DAY 4 - My mother has not progressed with medications and maintaining oxygen.  She is in hospice comfort care at the local hospital.  I am debating gathering the assistance of the FairHope Hospice foundation in our local town. Something that the counselor for FairHope hospice said. She was initially unaware that my sister also is at the nursing home and I am caregiver for both persons. She said, "Wow, that's alot of work, I haven't heard of one person having to take care of two people."  That really shook me inside. I can hardly repeat it without getting emotional. Is this the perfect gift?  Am I walking around with Jesus in my heart?  Can one person be caregiver to two people simultenously?  Can they?  I sometimes get overwhelmed being given this privilege. What makes me special to be able to do this?  It's like driving two cars on the road at the same time, where I am the driver in both cars.

01/10/2014 - DAY 3 - The life of a caregiver is difficult. It is sometimes wrenching to the heart, mind and damaging to the body. I sometimes come home from the nursing center and not knowing if she'll be there the next day, yet, it's unbearable sometimes the experience you go through.  I have a song on my phone:  U2's "With or Without You".  I read PSALMS 23 at her bedside.  "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh to me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, thought I walk though the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.  Thou prepares a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

01/10/2014 - DAY 3 -There have been some overnight events that I will outline.  Mother's issue last night was a lower body temperature which they are working to warm her up.  During the night, they incubated her (throat tube breathing machine), added a central and arterial IV lines, breathing became faster, and BP dropped.  I will consult with her doctor today and speak in-person with an ICU critical care doctor this afternoon.  If you have not prayed up until this time, or want to pray, now would be a good time to start.  I'm making a phone call to hospice care for a personal consult.

01/09/2014 DAY 2 -My mother is in ICU and vital signs and other indications says she's getting better.  She's still receiving oxygen via the CPAP oxygen mask. Blood pressure has returned to normal.  She will be in ICU until further notice.  If you are ever starved for life and emotion, become a caregiver and take the wild ride of life. Would I do this again?  The answer is yes, I would do this again. 

01/08/2014  DAY 1 -My mother is in ICU in the hospital as of 5 AM this morning. She is suffering from SEPSIS and breathing below prescribed recommendation. I met with her doctor and her prognosis is partially low blood pressure.  She's getting an antibiotic, fluids, a forced face-mounted oxygen system.  I asked the staff to put socks on my mothers feet. I watched a PBS video about how the medical community is focused on fixing you, whereas the "quality" of life is sacrificed for these means. We are reviewing hospice care for my mother. I'm waiting until she can communicate with me and have this discussion.  I will be having the same conversation with my sister.

01/07/2014 - Met with Hospice care counselor with regard to doctors recommendation for hospice involvement. I am visiting Mother daily to keep updated on her health. She is breathing easier, still on oxygen and producing a good cough to remove the phlegm that has built up. She has returned to eating better and I plan to stop by around supper time to be with her and help where necessary. It's sometimes difficult to know when to let go.  Certainly, from earlier comments, Mom is not ready to go.  She stated to me she wanted to see the kids graduate from high school and move on from there. I wish over nineteen years ago, I could have made that happen. I am thankful that my grandmother had the opportunity to hold both boys before moving on.

01/15/2014 - The portable x-ray revealed that her existing aorta that is has a partial anerism that has grown somewhat than the last recent x-rays done in in Sept last year. It's reported by their nursing staff that it's pushing against the diaphragm that controls her breathing.  She's not working too hard at breathing, just having to work a little harder at it.  I anticipate that it will subside, but time will tell.

1/15/2014 - Received a phone call from the nursing home.  Mother is having some difficulty breathing and has been given oxygen and a breathing treatment.  An x-ray machine is expected to arrive at the nursing home to obtain a chest x-ray for concern that she may have bronchitis or pneumonia. I plan to visit again today to see how her and my sister are doing. 

12/27/13 - We've been cleaning up the condo. A simple walnut grinder brings tears to my eyes.  Every year, my mom would have me crack and grind the walnuts for the Christmas cookies to be put in brownies, nut balls and sometimes the turkey stuffing.  These somewhat meaningless experiences are coming like a full train with 500-cars at full-speed and the oncoming emotional rush is sometimes hard to hold back. 

12/25/13 Christmas Day - I met with my sister and my mother.  My mother was sitting down for a meal and asked me in her own way to stay and help her eat which I have done on occasion.  But then soon after the physical therapist arrived, she was going to help Mom with her hands to assist in her eating.  It's odd that this younger person needs to show a much older person how to use her hands, when my mother cooked, baked and sewed endlessly for my sister and myself. Just looking at her hands, somewhat bent, fragile and arthritic is a visual testament to her continued willingness to help and assist those that needed help.  She was the exemplary caregiver for young and old. Now I am trying to follow that which I have experiences from her past.

12/24/13 - Another year over, and a new one has begun...It's quiet this year compared to last year this time. Last year my sister had came down from a Columbus, OH hospital for specialized care and arrived this very night at this nursing home, because there was no room in the inn. Sort of parallels another story doesn't it?  Everyone on this blog, and many others that sent cards to each has been greatly appreciated.  I plan to put the cards extended on a ribbon so each can see the response of care, lovely wishes and hopeful for health and welfare for the two. 

12/23/13 - I visited with my mother today and my sister. Mom was sitting down for supper.  She has been using a divided plate and the food is processed in a blender. Mom takes her sipper cup and inverts it upside down over the food.  I asked her what was wrong and she said "dry".  The main course was dry and she was trying to add moisture to the food.  I asked her once if she needed a microwave.  I goes to prove that you can take the oven from the cook, but you can't take away the recipes. 

12/19/13 - The tasks of caring for family hits a new high.  Preventing an overdraft because your family member whose checking and savings accounts I manage needed funds from my personal funds. The mortgage company has my Power of Attorney papers but they are not being accepted until the doctor provides a letter on their letterhead.  The nursing home utilized their letterhead with the doctor's reply and signature.  We hope that they will accept it.  I sent it via U.S. Priority Mail letter yesterday.

12/18/13 - We celebrated a holiday feast provided by the nursing home. Four people per resident could attend and sit with their family members. My mother was dressed in a pretty top and her hair was curled on the left and right sides. She even attempted to take the bread off my plate for herself until we confirmed that she cannot have it because her food is blended. My sister has cataracts in both eyes.  The cataract is more serious in the right eye.  She has an appointment with an eye doctor to review her case and possibly require outpatient surgery.

12/17/13 - My sister has cataract's in both eyes, more prominent in one eye.  She has an appointment to review the possibility of imrrpl,m/ 

11/26/13 - My mother will receive palliative care monthly from the Local hospice group. The doctor recommended this for my mother. My sister has been doing well.  I had sinus issues over the last 3-weeks that I am battling.  I am working at convincing Job and Family that my mother's home is financially underwater and is not worth continuing legal clouding of the deed.

10/17/13 - My sister received her new electronic wheelchair as part a nasty Job and Family spend-down. This one is slower than her older one and the older wheelchair manufacturer is out of business.  The problem was that we could not slow down the former wheelchair.  The new wheelchair is already slower and has been vocally approved by two administrative nursing home persons.  She is excited and can't hardly wait for the batteries to charge.  The older electric wheelchair is still in her room and it looks like a wheelchair showroom.

10/15/13 - My mother is doing well. The doctor called and we talked about making changes to medications to minimize non-intended affects due to the medicines. 

09/21/13 - Day11 - My mother will be discharged sometime today and return to the nursing home. She will be on IV Antibiotics to rid her of the ESBL -a germ that added to the infection and made it very difficult to get rid of.  Stats are normal. It has been a rough road and a tour of six different hospital rooms, from emergency, to ICU overnight to a co-inhabited room to a private room, to PCU then to a private room on another floor. I'm glad to see that she is getting healthier. 

09/18/13 - Day 7 - My mother has moved into a regular room.  White blood count was normal and stats are in the normal range. Early this morning breathing reps we higher but in the normal range we all have typically.  I think I needed a CAT scan for a stroke when I read a certified letter for Lisa's medicaid being Private-Pay, that mean's wallet screaming for cash! Luckily I've played this game before.  It will be retro-active to Sept 1st when the one document is received.  It was faxed today. Medicaid fear (false evidence appearing real) is non-existant.

09/17/13 - Day 6 - The echo sonogram (heart) and the CAT scan were negative. No signs of heart condition or head trauma or unusual issues.  She's perfect inside her body, just the outside is a mess right now.  I'm sure she'll pull through this.  Our Grandmother was said to be stubborn as a mule. Hopefully this mule knows what to do.

09/17/13 - Day 6 - My mother has a increased chance to move back to the nursing home. As long as the breathing stays well and not return to labored breathing, she will continue to battle the bacteria in the urinary tract that she is being treated for.  The by-mouth medicine was not curing the bacteria, entirely.  Now they are using IV to deliver the medicine.  Believe me, if it was not for the other issues, the UT infection will do really weird things to you.  Prognosis is that she is getting better in the short-term. 

09/16/13 - Day 5 - My mother has been moved within the hospital.  She is experiencing heavy labored breathing this afternoon and tonight.  She is getting a CAT scan of the head to rule out a stroke issue, and changing her meds in addition to letting the 1 mg of anti-anxiety med what was prescribed earlier to wear off.  Oxygen level at 2:14 PM was 43.  She's holding at 82 currently. It is our prayer that the labored breathing will return to normal breathing.

09/15/13 - Day 4 - My mother has moved to a new room at the hospital. She has been cleared of having any trace of pneumonia.  Its a infection in the urination that is what will keep her for a few days now.  She's doing great and talking, really taking up a storm. So if you have been visiting and thinking that it will never be the same or you'll never know the person your visiting, I'd bid you now to check in on her.  Because of the infection, you are required to wear a protective gown and non-latex gloves.  Today, a group of people with dogs were invited to come into the nursing home and my sister had a chance to pet three different dogs.  My sister and I had two dogs and two guinea pigs when we were growing up.  Funny how an animals can bring back memories.

09/14/13 - Day 3 No ETA as to when my mother will be discharged. They did locate pneumonia in one lung. They are monitoring her kidney function. If you believe that prayer makes a difference, as I do, now would be the time to start. Do I have one minute of your time?  Now is the time for  Amazing Grace.

09/13/13 - Day 2 Superstitious? My mother has moved from ICU to a regular room.  Her temperature is still a mild 99 degrees. Probably cause for concern given the UTI and sepsis.  I met with her this evening and she talking up a storm and even read the newspaper out loud.  It was good to see her eyes open and talking, at least the best that she can do. They have oxygen going into her nose and two IV's. She's not out of the woods, yet. I visited with my sister at the nursing home and updated her on Mom. 

09/12/13 - Day 1 - Yep. Quiet is never too quiet.  I was visiting my sister, when a staff member came to me about my Mom. My mother went to the emergency room at the local hospital. She's being admitted for UTI, and a light case of SEPSIS.  The first sign was today when Mom partially choked on a piece of food during supper.  The staff took every available minute to help her and jumped at the chance to assure her breathing and airway were clear.  We were going to order an X-ray to be brought into the nursing home to check her lungs, but with a rising temperature and somewhat fast pulse rate and blood pressure, the choice by a staff member to send her to the emergency room was a good call.  She's being admitted to a regular room and will be monitored for any problems. She was tired from the choking incident. 

08/06/13 - News came that I am officially a Social Security Representative Payee for my sister.  I expect at some point I will do the same for my mother. It's a fiduciary responsibility. If anyone is experiencing the same, I would glad share what I have learned. More can be found here:

08/02/13 - Quiet, then busy again. We received notice that their doctor will not be handling patients and we had a 30-day period to select another doctor.  I had a meeting this morning at 7 AM to consult for another doctor and the present doctor was absent.  The voicemail surprised me to be that of a person who would believe he runs the show and does not want any interference. We have a new doctor who is the medical director of the nursing home and visits daily with a physician's assistant (PA).  This has been a longly needed change.

07/26/13 - Not much to report.  No news is good news.  Mom and my sister have been getting along fairly well.  My sister was in a wheelchair next to Mom one morning last week.  I am re-applying both for Medicaid as required by Job and Family Services.  They can be very impatient at times. I already know the drill and the scare tactics used by all who are involved.  I'm not afraid.  I have been using the visitation tips that I posted above and received a good response.  I read a Bible verse to both of them every other day that I visit.  I even noticed Mom's roommate was awake and I read a Bible verse that had the Lord's prayer.  Even though this resident does not speak much, she was quiet during the reading. I think she appreciated it.  These folks have so much to share and so much to give.  We have stuff to give to...our time.  Walking in the way of the Lord, just bringing one into the fold, would be celebrated greater in Heaven than bringing in the masses.

07/08/13 - Well, I've done it.  I'm in bed with Social Security.  In a vain attempt just to simply move where my sister's direct deposit goes, I've signed up to be my sister's representative payee.  This is a Social Security term that basically says you receive the funds and they are deposited in an account in my name "FOR" the person or "beneficiary" SSA term. Basically becoming a fiduciary. (accountable)  For a peek at what's involved, go to And no, this does not require angel wings, but it's the second closest.

07/06/13 - My sister has appreciated the people that visited her during my family's vacation.  My mother was asleep when I visited her. I figured, she stayed awake in hospital rooms when I was sick, she stayed awake when preparing our meals, getting us ready for bed, and providing for us when she'd rather retire or just sit down for a moment.  I let her sleep.  Now is her time to shine, even when she is sleeping.

07/02/13 - My sister came through with flying colors with the J-Tube reinsertion.  She returned to the care center at around 12 noon today.  The care center called and said she was smiles and happy.

07/01/13 - My sister will have her J-Tube replaced this week at the local hospital.  This has been long awaited as it took the doctor a longer time to respond in order to make the appointment. Luckily after the initial consult on 06/28/03 the doctor put her on the schedule at the local hospital for the re-insertion procedure.
06/30/13 - My sister was sent over to the hospital to control some bleeding around one of the tubes used to feed her and to remove fluids.  Dr. Custer was late in responding to phone calls and finally responded to my letter after 6/02/13, nearly one month ago it was determine that the J-Tube needed replaced.
06/28/13 - My sister visited with the doctors.  The first doctor said that she will have to wear wrist or arm braces to alleviate the carpal-tunnel syndrome in one arm and the other wrist.  The second doctor made a procedure appointment for early next week to have the J-Tube replaced.
06/26/13 - I received a return phone call from the nursing home in reference to my mother's glasses. The nursing home said that their optometrist will replace any glasses that were lost at the nursing home. He returns to see patients at the nursing home on Aug. 8th. She is working to get him in earlier or if this was the same doctor (he travels) that the other nursing home used where she received her glasses, they may be replaced without seeing my mother initially.  Sometimes the train is slow, but it keeps rolling along.

06/23/13 - I received a phone call last week and my sister will have two appointments to review why her arms have numbness and what can be done about it, and the second is a consult to see when my sister will have her J-tube re-inserted.  This will occur on the week of 06/24/2013.  We joked about her wanting to get out into the sunshine, which, I don't blame her. I shared with her how hot it has been lately.

06/10/2013 - I visited with my mother and noticed she was not wearing her glasses.  I looked all over the room and reported the problem to the nursing care center.  Last night I took her older prescription glasses until the lost prescription glasses can be found.  Losing a pair of glasses, is like telling a person that an organization lost a resident's prosthetic.  "I'm sorry about your leg, sir.  I'm sure someone will find it."  Let's hope and pray that Mother does not have to "hobble" around trying to see or read the newspaper (she has a daily subscription).

06/09/2013 - My sister's recently doctor appointment revealed that she has mild to moderate carpal-tunnel syndrome in her arms.  I have this problem also after working late at my former plant when the cleaning company was permitted by management to start cleaning right at closing.  My foot slipped after passing through a doorway with a laptop bag on one shoulder and books in the other arm, and slipped on the wet floor that was not effectively posted and I fell arms and hands extended to protect my head, it was a couple days later, I had to drive myself from work to a Columbus emergency hospital where I was diagnosed. I share this problem wtih my sister and know how she feels.  I shared with her how to physically alleviate the pain and pressure on the carpal tunnel area. Working late for a factory never pays off, in fact, a lifetime of pain and discomfort is my reward. Oh, and we had four wet floor signs sitting in the same area behind the visitor's chairs.  Ironic, isn't it?  Remember, when you unexpectedly fall, roll onto your side or back and keep your chin near your chest as suggested by OSHA and safety agencies. This will protect you head, hands, arms and shoulders during a fall.

06/06/2013 - My sister has an appointment tomorrow to determine if the numbness in her hand and arm are related to any nervous system issues.  Oh, and if you have not see my participation in the Lancaster City School Flash Mob dancing, here is the link now graceously provided on the School district's website -  I'll be asking for royaly payments each time the video is played - kidding.

06/04/2013 - My sister was sent ot the emergency room at about 12:40 PM this afternoon for a J-tube re-insertion. Unfortunately the local hospital did not have the correct size for her.  They are using the Foley-tube to replace the J-Tube temporaritly until the J-Tube can be surgically re-inserted.  The former J-tube had a small hole in the bulb that prevents the J-Tube from coming out. Luckily my sister returned a couple hours later back to the nursing home.  My sister was holding the J-Tube in her hand when she notified the staff something had happenned. Makes you wonder if my sister is also getting summeritis and just wants to be outside, too! 

05/23/13 - My sister was in better spirits than earlier in the week when she was crying about the additional numbness that started in her left leg adding to the existing numbness in her left arm and right hand.  I told her that he Grace of God will be over her and ultimately succeed over any of her worries. I was there to comfort her and be understanding. Sometimes a good cry is what we need  Mom is a fall risk. She was found trying to get out of the bed because she was hot.  I advised and offered that a lighter blanket be put on the bed for the summer months. They have put a cushion next to her bed to minimize the risk, should she attempt to get out on her own. 

05/16/13 - Received a phone call from a neurologist that will be seeing my sister for her numbness in her left arm and hand and in her right hand in the early June month.

Mothers Day - I took KFC "no bones" chicken to my mother and sat down and ate together.  Afterwards, we shared Mother's day cards from my family and my sister. Both my family and my sister also had presents for her that we opened in my sister's room.  I think Mom enjoyed the time together.

04/30/13 - Visited my sister and mother today.  Mom was talkative and somewhat easier to understand.  My sister has said her numbness in one arm has been reduced.

04/27/13 - Visited my sister and mother throughout this month. I meet with them twice per week, (every other day) and twice during the weekend. We have sent a letter of concern regarding my sister's arm and hand numbness as well as some recent diarrhea problems. I have been maintaining my mother's automobile. 

04/09/13 - Visited with my sister and she mentioned having some numbness in the hand and arm. I located the nurse and the local hospital messed up and didn't include the prescription they prescribed in the doctor notes. She has some UTI issues that is causing the numbness. Luckily the care center was already on it and my sister received her first dose of medicine last night. I stayed last evening to be assured that my sister's doctor called and prescribed an available medicine that did not require backordering.

04/08/13 - My mother will be moving to a bigger room and have a room mate.  It will have a window.  Her former room mate was discharged to personal family care.

04/07/13 - My sister was returned to the nursing home care center. I did not receive a call from them or the hospital.  She continues to have some numbness in the hand and one wrist. It may be suspected as a pinched nerve. The hospital doctor did not communicate with me her final outcome. The updated notes should be in her file in 1-2 days.  Mom was doing okay. Still mumbles, but some words communicate okay.

04/06/13 - DAY 1, 2, 3 & 4 - My sister was admitted to the local hospital for upper numbness in arms.  CT and MI showed no negative effects.  She is anticipated to discharge in today or tomorrow.

03/26/13 - Visited with my sister and mother.  Mother was somewhat difficult to understand, however I was able to help her with the request.  My sister's eyes were somewhat bloodshot and her face flushed red somewhat. I brought this to the attention to the nurse and she likely has conjuntivitis (pink eye).  For the time being, I would avoid visiting my sister. But if you do, keep your hands to yourself as you would not want to have this. They are putting drops in her eyes as prescribed by the doctor.

03/23/13 - Visited with my sister and mother.  Mother was talkative and receptive to conversation.  My sister was happy and used her electronic talk board to help me understand what she wanted to say.  Mother was appreciating her new clothes. 

03/22/13 - Day 10 My father-in-law is anticipated to be discharged from the hospital today.  He was returned home by family and safely returned to home much later in the afternoon.
03/21/13 - I added new videos to the website that talk about the Power-of-attorney and the advanced directive. Another video discusses end of life tasks.
03/20/13 - I visited my sister and mother. I purchased new larger-sized clothes for my mother to allow her to be more comfortable and picked up a blanket and surprising new glasses dated Feb 24th, 2013 from former Crestview Manor nursing home. The doctor made a recent note on her chart that mother is showing early signs of dementia. Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. It affects memory, thinking, language, judgment, and behavior. Symptoms: Dementia symptoms include difficulty with many areas of mental function

03/16/13 - Day 5 My father-in-law has moved to a regular hospital room today.   My mother and sister are well today.  As life shows us the way, we learn from experiences and dissapointments.  Where one door closes, another one is opened.

03/13/13 - Day1 My father-in-law is being admitted to ICU for an undetermined amount of days to monitor the virus and vitals.
03/13/13 - Day 1 New on this blog, my father-in-law fell in his apartment as a result an oncoming viral illness and could not get up off the floor. Medical assistance was summoned and he was taken to the local hospital emergency room.  He will be admitted for a few days.
03/13/13 - My sister and mother are doing well. I have asked for evaluation for speech services for my mom. I helped purchase a  music player that my sister can listen to on headphones.

02/16/13 - My sister returned about 7:30 AM-ish from the local hospital to the care center nursing home.  The x-ray department watches while a new J-Tube is re-inserted. She is going okay. I will follow-up with her on Sunday and plan to watch TV in the morning with her.  She has her favorites TV shows.

02/16/13 - DAY 1 My sister has not been to a hospital since Dec 24, 2012. Her's J-Tube came out this afternoon during a routine change and was send via the ambulance service to the hospital. Fortunately we planned this in that she now only has 500 yards to travel to get to the hospital due to her proximity.  He vitals and outlook is very good. She is smiling knowing that it won't be a big ordeal.  Mom was doing well, sitting in her wheelchair and interacting with staff and other residents.

02/14/13 - I visited with today to see how both were doing. I received a phone call today and confirm that when you visit my sister, you do not require gloves or a gown.  My sister is getting medication for the area where the Mersa was present and we advised by the doctor to treat the area of the G or J-Tube in a certain way, which the staff at the care center noted that they had already been doing.  This is what I like most about this nursing home.  As the Cable Guy would say, They get'r done!  Mom was okay until she started coughing some lying down. I notified her nurse. Likely her head was not high enough. They were going to correct it.  I want to add that the organization that is charged with taking care of the building community is not doing a good job keeping the security lighting operational.  A letter is going out to the firm.

02/11/13 - Received a phone call today to bring my sisters "talking board" computer.  It's a flat-screen device with large touch screen buttons to help with wording and sentence formation. I will deliver it this week.

02/10/13 - Visited on Sunday to see both of them.  My sister was talkative. Mom was reserved, but I stayed and watched some TV.  We are preparing for what may be a budget crisis in a few months for Mom. I am working on countermeasures.

02/02/13 - My sister is doing very well. We briefly discussed her accounts and are looking into a plot and stone that can be placed and not needed hopefully for a long time. These items are exempt from Medicaid and can be used to spend-down funds, except that we would be pro-active instead of being forced by a deadline.  Mom thinks that since she was moved from one nursing home to another that she can easily move back home. I'm working with the nursing home to assure her comfort needs are met. I expect that it is difficult to be accustomed to a new place.

01/29/13 - My mom has moved to the same care center/nursing home that my sister is currently located. It was almost like Christmas having both of them at the same place.  It was certainly a good day for my sister and myself.  I expect my mom to also enjoy the new surroundings after the tomorrow morning when the light is shed on a new day.  She arrived around 11:30 AM today.

01/28/13 - It is definite. We are waiting for paperwork from Job and Family Services (don't hold your breath) before my mother will move to the same nursing home my sister is located at. I will mass e-mail everyone when the move is complete.  My sister is aware.  I anticipate she will receive better care.

01/27/13 - Received phone call about my mother, having some symptoms of a stomach virus.  She had a day of vomiting and diaherria yesterday. She's being given medicines to counter the symptoms. I visited and I am advising that it may be best to wait 3-5 days until other residents who have also in the same wing who have the same illness. She was not doing so well. Hopefully she'll get over it soon.

01/26/13 - Visited with my sister and caught her taking a mid-morning nap. She awakened and I shared something she likes to hear most about - Money, especially her money. She received a refund check from the former nursing home; a sizable amount. I rattled the window envelope and put the check into her hand. She enjoyed knowing a refund was here. I promised her I would deposit it in her account and it was completed today.  My sister's room does not require that you wear a protective gound, protective gloves are required. To date, my mother is still located in the existing nursing home.

01/20/13 - Visited with my sister and my mother, both at seperate nursing homes. Dr. Varney, whom did not communicate with me, has decided to look into moving my mother to where my sister's nursing home is located. I have tried on a few occasions to get her decision when I have her attention. We're waiting on Dr. Varney to make a personal visit and discuss it with her.  My sister was looking very well today.  Though she was experiencing some diaherria on Martin Luther King day, 1/12/13.

01/13/13 - I stopped by to check Mom's prior living quarters. It's sad to see what was passed, the loss and quietness of the abode. I visited with my mother today. Her verbal skills taken by the UTI in May 2012 makes it difficult to carry a conversation while at the same time, my sister's nursing home is working with her to improve her verbalization skills.  I remembered today my mother used to sit with my family in church. I was always preparing for this day, but still, I'm taken by surprise at times in my memory. I'm pleased that I attend a chuch that is supporting and providing continuing visitations to both family members.

01/10/13 - I received a phone call from the nursing home. My sister is now cleared of MRSA.  I understand it is now not necessary to put on a protective gound and gloves to visit with her in the room.  To God be the Glory!  This will have some favoriable impact on her overall health. Our Pastor had visited earlier in the month to see my sister at the nicer facility.

01/09/13 - I visited with my sister today and she was all smiles. I even saw a tooth paste tube next to her bed and she told me that they are having her brush her teeth periodically.  This was never done at Crestview Manor even when I requested it.  She's feeling much better.

01/05/13 - I visited with my mother today preparing to take her to see my sister.  My mother for whatever reason was not wanting to go outside. We had a nice morning conversation.

01/04/13 - My sister's nurse called to let me be aware that the doctor recommended a chest x-ray to check the lungs for congestion. The X-ray was clear and no problems.

12/31/12 - I visited my sister today in her new larger room at the nursing home. She was all smiles and feeling much better. She also got a chance to view her TV shows this morning.  My van was retruned repaired today.  It was the starter that starts the engine that was bad.

12/28/12 - I signed up my sister to be a resident at her nursing home where she is located. I did not get to visit my family today, my Van broke down and is in for repairs.  We are back to one car again. With all that has been going on, it's been a difficult time for me.

12/27/12 - DAY 2 - My sister was released the second time in a 24-hour timeframe.  She arrived at 8:51 AM and discharged at 2:30 PM from the local hospital emergency room. The X-ray professional went outside procedure to help her by running dye live in Lisa's J-Tube to see the direction it was going for re-alignment so that the J-tube side was not blocked against the intestine. What the local hospital did not share with me was that they removed the existing J-Tube and re-inserted a new one.  I have been driving across town to have Mom sign two items and then exchange TV's and take my sister's TV back to her so she can watch her favorite shows "The Price Is Right" and "Let's Make a Deal!"  After returning to the nursing home, she complained of her leg hurting and the nurse responded quickly to the room call system, called the doctor and offered pain meds.  Much improved over the former location. My driving leg was starting to ache, but no room call system for me.  I'm glad to be where I am and who I am, because I am answering the "I AM" by answering His calling.  "For those of the least of these you help, you have helped Me."

12/27/12 - DAY 1 & 2 - My sister was released from the local hospital laist night and this morning was being sent back over due to one or both of the feeding J-tube is not flushing or accepting fluids.  I'm visiting with her in the hospital this morning.

12/26/12 - DAY 1 - My sister at some point this evening inadvertently or accidentally pulled out the J-Tube.  She is being transported to the local hospital to maintain the existing placement and likely to keep her overnight.  Luckily she is 500 feet from the facility.

12/25/12 - My sister has already had some nausea this morning and an uncomfortable stomach.  Her PICC line was removed by the Select Hospital.  I have a meeting with the nursing home this week.  I am on vacation from Dec. 21st to Jan 1, 2013. I shared Christmas presents with my sister today and plan the same with my mom this afternoon.

12/25/12 - Merry Christmas!  I will be distributing gifts and getting my sisters belongings moved through tomorrow.  My big gift is my sister being closer to home.

12/24/12 - My sister arrived safely around 4 PM from Columbus, OH.  We visited her after Christmas Eve services.  It was nice to see my sister back in town again.

12/24/12 - Day 15 - The Select Hospital called and deemed my sister healthy to be in continued care at a nursing home. Problem is that she'll spend Christmas Eve night in a different nursing home than she had been a resident. Our hands are tied, she is required to be moved today otherwise, the stay at Select Hospital would begin to charge up to $2,000 per day.  She is expected to arrive in town late this afternoon.

12/20/12 - DAY 12 - The Select Hospital called and my sister may be getting discharged and moved again to a nursing home.  The bad news is there is no room in the inn.  The nursing home where my mom is resident has reported being full and unable to take my sister at this time.  Bad Hospital Select for not providing an intention of outcome related to her discharge.   This is truly a relative story about not having any room in the inn, however Jesus's story is authentic and truly heartwrenching in today's society where we wouldn't have a baby today in a manager, now would we?  And still the Light of Christ still shines in our hearts and souls.  Let it be yours too this Christmas!

12/16/12 - DAY 8 - My sister is doing well at the Columbus-based Hospital Select.  Her nurse has a 5-to-1 ratio, visits at least once every hour, a doctor visits daily, and her direction of care is reviewed weekly. I signed the required paperwork.

12/13/12 - DAY 5 CORRECTION  - My sister leaves sometime tomorrow to be sent by ambulance to a Columbus-based Select Hospital. Plans of men and mice, by ONLY GOD knows when.  I visited with my sister and my mother each of them after work today.  She has a birthday coming soon.

12/12/12 - DAY 3 My sister will be heading to a Hospital Select facility in Columbus, OH tomorrow where she will receive ICU-like medical care for her acute stomach perisis from diabetes and with the infection in or around the J-Tube that was re-inserted on 12/07/12.  The timeframe anticipated is for about four-weeks. A person from Hospital Select in Columbus has been communicating with me.  The final news was somewhat difficult for me to handle and writing this was hard to difficult.

12/10/12 - DAY 2 My sister has moved out of the ICU into a regular room at the local hospital. The discharge staff has discused (without my knowledge) the possibility of discharging my sister to a Select Speciality hospital with ICU-like rooms that has the resources to treat her condition given all that has occurred.

12/09/12 - DAY 1 My sister is in ICU. Vitals have returned to normal and she is receiving the tube feeding this afternoon. Her spirits are down and she is not feeling any pain.

12/09/12 - DAY 1 Back so soon?  My sister is in the hospital for low blood pressure, earlier elevated temperature and elevated heart rate. I was somewhat concerned that the local hospital may have discharged her too soon after the bed-side J-Tube insertion while still having the infection in same. 

12/08/12 - My sister returned to the nursing home, however the infection is still causing her some discomfort.  I replaced a lost TV remote for my mom. I received a phone call late tonight that my sisters blood pressure was lower, heartbeat faster, and elevated temperature. Later was noted that the temperature as reduced.

12/07/12 - DAY 2? Ripley's Believe it or not! The 1-day overnight hospital stay and in-bed procedure to re-insert the J-Tube.  I am surprised to report that my sister returned to the nursing home tonight.

12/06/12 - DAY 1 (funny isn't it; the date?) My sister was in emergency from 3:45 PM to 9:10 PM before moving to a hospital room. A temporary tube was inserted to keep the existing opening from closing up overnight. The surgical doctor may be able to re-attach the J-Tube without invasive measures, but right now that is just a hunch.  I will advise that the FLU bug is going around and alot of patient's coming into emergency are coming in with this.  If you have thought of of had a previous year's flu shot, now might be the time.

12/06/12 - The nursing home called this afternoon and after a culture around the J-tube surgery having an infection, this has pushed out the J-Tube and requires re-insertion by surgery.  She is being transported to the hospital emergency room for anticipated for admission to the hospital to schedule surgery.  Luckily the PICC line is still in place. I am heading there this evening to meet up with her.  The J-Tube surgery was last done on 10/26/2012.

11/04/2012 - My mother recognizes me better most recently.  My sister however has experienced some vomiting most of the day.  It took over 30 minutes to get my sister's nightgown changed afterwards when I was visiting her. The nursing home is addressing the situation proactively.  We are requesting palliative hospice care for my sister, given her overall health has been less than hoped and her spirit and happiness are suffering and we cannot let that continue.  The staff at the nursing home are a caring group of people.

And you may be asking yourself, what is palliative hospice care?  Learn it with me at:

11/18/2012 - My mother enjoyed ice cream cake as we celebrated her birthday today and decorated her room with pink and white streamers, a helium Happy Birthday balloon and a banner wtih the same message. She said it was a grand party and she really enjoyed it.  I image she will enjoy her time in the new chair and bask in the memories.  A couple ladies known as the twins, who attempted to crash the party did not impact the celebration.

11/17/2012 - My mother received her new lift chair recliner from Colonial Heights Furniture that was part fo the Medicaid spend-down process to be eligible. It was a difficult time, as I got sick with an ear infection and dizziness that took me beyond the spend-down timeframe. However, after gaining my health back, I was able to complete the process and today is the result of that labor. The job of being a POA is learning the process of patience and knowing that God will work on His timeframe and not yours.  My sister looked better today and smiled.  A family birthday celebration will be at the nursing home for my mother tomorrow.

11/16/2012 - My sister has experienced some nausea and vomiting. They are working with the feeding tube and clamped G-Tube to relieve some of the symptoms.

11/15/2012 - My sister is doing fine. 

11/12/2012 - DAY 8 - My sister was discharged from the hospital and returned to the nursing home today.  I'm pleased that she has returned safely. She was looking forward to returning.  Thanks for everybody's prayers.

11/11/2012 - DAY 7 - My sister was looking much better and the only tube was the feeding tube. All other connections to her were removed.  She began to smile more. I made a brief video to share with Mom, who is at the nursing home.

11/10/2012 - DAY 6  My sister is now in a new regular hospital room. She was moved from PCU because she will be staying a little longer. She was resting when I went in to visit her.  We communicated for a time. She is only on the feeding tube and draining the G-Tube. They are doing the chest compressions periodically. 

11/09/2012 - DAY 5 I did not feel well from having been walking in the night air after the hospital visits and the cold morning air to walk from the school parking area to the workplace.  Took a night off.

11/08/2012 - DAY 4 What has prepared me to help my family and take this additional responsibility?  Do I have to travel over 1,000 miles? Do I have to be BORN THIS WAY? Do I have be detail oriented?  Do I have to be vigilant? Do I have to envision the future? Maybe some of these things did help me but it's by only the Grace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ that get's me through the day.

11/07/2012 - DAY 3 My sister has moved out of ICU into the PDU. She's doing better. She smiles a little more often. She needed oxygen by nose this afternoon. Pneumonia is still with her.  Some diarrhea is still present. They are using the same type of Hill-Rom chest compression vest system that she has at the nursing home. This is to break up the congestion.  I fought hard to get the nursing home to have this for my sister, and she needs to get back to using it, but she has been in the hospital, needed time to heal and back in the hospital as she is now.  Prayer works!  Let's pray her out of the hospital and back to health and return safely to the nursing home.  My sister, Mom and I are pleased with our absentee voting results.

11/06/2012 - DAY 2 I visited my sister on Election Day and she is off the oxygen mask and breathing well on her own.  She has some diarrhea now that she is returning to the feeding tube. She is cleared to go into a regular room on the same floor, however the hospital does not have any beds available as of 7:30 PM.

11/06/2012 - DAY 2 Early reports from ICU noting my sister obtained a good nights sleep. They have reduced the oxygen output (her oxygen is good). They did the chest compression treatment for a brief period last night to loosen up the phlegm in her lungs.
11/05/2012 - DAY 1 My sister's face color is coming back and she smiled today while my cousin and I entertained her for a time. My sister was glad that she had voted by absentee ballott (totally my idea).  Her vitals have stabilized. Pneumonia is improving.  The oxygen level has improved a lot. She's being treated for UTI, mild sepsis, and pneumonia.  
11/05/2012 - DAY 1 My sister is stabilized in ICU.  She's on direct oxygen, as it dropped during transfer from emergency to ICU. She's also receiving medication through IV.

11/05/2012 - DAY 1 My sister's temperature was returning to normal in the emergency room.  She was admitted to ICU sometime after 3:37 AM this morning. I'll provide a report notice later today after I have visited with her. Prayer would be good now.

11/05/2012 - DAY 1 My sister was headed to the emergency room today at 2:47 AM with low oxygen level, high temperature and risk to pnemonia.  She is being admitted to ICU. I received an early morning phone call. Prayer would be good now.

11/04/2012 - My sister has low body oxygen level and having an oxygen tank delivering oxygen into her nose. She reportedly has some chest congestion and taking medications for it advised by her doctor.  A mobile X-ray unit will be brought to her room for a chest X-ray in the next 24-hours. She had been innoculated for pneumonia and flu prevention on 10/28/2012.

11/01/2012 - My sister is smiling finally. She has appointments that she will be transported by the nursing home and attended to the surgery doctor for follow-up and a kidney doctor she normally follows-up with.

10/31/2012 - The nursing home had Tricks and Treats night for the kids that we participated in.  My  youngest son was in attendance.

10/28/2012 - DAY 3 My sister returned to the nursing home today around 12:30 PM. She does not have a smile because she lost some sleep.  Her existing G-Tube (stomach) is being drained. This will prevent her from throwing up. The feedings will be done 4x times daily instead of continually by machine.  She was innoculated for pneumonia and flu prevention just before discharge from the hospital.

10/27/2012 - DAY 2 Visited my sister. She registered pain of 4 out of 10 upon waking up. Oxygen was low as reason for staying overnight. Anticipate release today or tomorrow. I'll update when confirmed.

10/27/2012 - DAY 2 Please, where you feel compeled, send my sister a get well card.  You can also use and click on e-Card on the Quick Links and scroll to the bottom.

10/26/2012 - DAY 1 My sister has been placed in a room at the hospital.

10/26/2012 - DAY 1 My sister's j-tube insertion went well, however a traditional incision was required instead of the laparoscopy method which is less invasive. She will need to stay up to two-days for after-surgery observation and healing.

10/26/2012 - DAY 1 My sister is at the hospital and being prepped for surgery for j-tube insertion

10/25/2012 - My sister will be having a j-tube (surgically added below the g-tube) on Friday morning, 10/26/2012

10/25/2012 - My sister had the PICC line (from arm to heart) re-inserted earlier today.  They just removed it earlier after she was in the hospital for a 7-day stay.

10/07/2012 - 10/15/2012  Day 1 through Day 9 My sister entered through the emergency room at FMC, then to ICU for a night for observation. The remaining days she stayed due to throwing up and her G-Tube not accepting enough food nutrition and digesting it.