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Family Reports

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I am managing as Power of Attorney (POA) for my sister and formerly my mother.  During the year of my 2009 8-month unemployment period my sister and mother noted that I handled my finances well during the period.  Now I am handling their accounts as well.  I have become familiar with Medicaid and Medicare services. I am a SSA Representative Payee for my sister.  A Hospice counselor told me, "You provide care for your mother and your sister, that is hard work, I've never heard of anyone having to manage two people."  Mary and Joseph were comtemplating what someone said to them about Jesus when he was a baby.  He was expecting a Messiah and they brought Jesus to him. He told them that this child is special and is the Messiah.  I'm not perfect, but have I been privileged with a special power that enables me?